Win an Easy Million with King Cashalot Slot

Just say progressive slot to any slots player and watch their eyes twinkle with delight. This is because progressive slots offer more than just any ordinary slot game, it offers an opportunity to win loads of money. Progressive slots are known for jackpot amounts that keep growing and growing so every single player who plays in a progressive slot contributes to this amount.

Progressive slots are offered at online casinos as well as land based ones. Progressive slot machines are linked through a network so this can be a variety of slots with different themes, giving the player a much wider option. The default jackpot amount in progressive slots is usually high, and just because someone has won recently does not mean that no one else can win so soon after.

An example of a progressive slot is the King Cashalot slot which is featured at the land based casino, Vegas Palms. It is a video slot with 5 reels and 9 paylines, using software from Microgaming. The theme of King Cashalot slot is the medieval period, complete with a king, knights in shining armor and a princess soon to be queen. King Cashalot slot revolves around the idea of saving a princess in distress and aside from the symbol of royalty, the player can also feast on icons of food such as roast turkey and other exotic dishes.

King Cashalot slot is a very famous progressive video slot and it was made for low rollers. To play King Cashalot slot, all that the player needs is one coin and the value of this coin is a low 5 cents.

Now let's talk about the jackpot in King Cashalot slots. The player wins the jackpot as long as they get 5 symbols of the king and place the maximum wager of 9 coins. There's no need to fret though, when we say 9 coins, we mean only 45 cents. The jackpot for the King Cashalot slot starts at a hundred thousand dollars and the highest jackpot anybody has ever won is an astounding 1.2 million dollars. Not bad indeed for a progressive slot.

To make the game more exciting, the King Cashalot slot has a multiplier, and this is represented by the symbol of the king. The player gets to win double the amount they should win if the multiplier is present. The bonus game of this progressive slot is also interesting although simplistic. The player simply has to choose among several treasure chests and whatever amount is represented by that chest is won by the slots player.