Tips to Win More in Fruit Machines

Slot machines, called fruit machines in the UK, are perhaps the most widely played of all gambling games. They say that the casinos, pubs, mob and whoever owns the slots will always win. But here are some tips to help you win more and have more fun playing. This doesn't mean you can play with guaranteed wins - there's just no such thing. But isn't that what the fun is all about?

Fruit Machine Tips

1) Pick the right fruit machine to play in.

Fruit machines may work differently from slot machines in other parts of the world. Some fruit or slot machines can be taken advantage of based on when play them. Fruit machines are programmed to pay out winnings after it has received a certain amount of money in it. This is due to the payback percentage rule. So that means if you watch a fruit machine for a while, you can gauge when it is ready to pay out. Watch a fruit machine beat out other players. When it is vacated and you feel the time is right for the machine to pay out, go and play. If you don't win, it's probably rigged. (Or maybe it's just bad luck.)

2) Play in smaller denomination fruit machines. This is an uphill battle you are in, so don't risk more than you have to. Also, slot machines play very fast. If you aren't careful, you will lose all your money before you know it. So to begin, take only a small part of your bankroll to the slots.

3) Pounce on new machines. Just like any new product on the market, newly installed fruit machines are made more attractive by their owners so more people will play them. Know your places well and look out for new slot machines being added. These are most likely to pay off.

4) Hear the sound of money. When you drop coins into the slot, listen for how it sounds. If it sounds like it's taking a long time to fall, it's a sign the fruit machine is about to pay out. This is because the machine is getting full and has had to move the coins around. So keep on playing and you will be paid back very soon!

5) If you get two straight holds, play again for another one. The fruit machines tend to give another hold (the third) after this, and when you consider the odds, this is a good time to keep playing.

6) Nudges and lines. If you receive a nudge but no line that wins, then nudge two identical symbols to the line. If you are then offered a hold, reject it. Spin the reels. You should get it all matched up.

7) When a fruit machine pays out to you or someone else, leave it alone. It will not pay for a long while. Go to another machine.