Play Hide and Seek with Loose Slots

Finding a loose slot machine in the immense casino gaming floor is like discovering the legendary El Dorado in the impenetrable rain forests of the Amazon. Like El Dorado, every body has heard of the glittering pots of gold that the loose slot machine spews out, yet it has continued to elude every body searching for it. Perhaps this is because everybody has their own concept of El Dorado in the same manner that each slot player has his own idea of a loose slot machine. What is loose to one player in say, a casino in Atlantic City may not necessarily be loose to another player in a Las Vegas casino, for example. Whether a slot machine is loose or not depends on the vantage point that the slot player views it. In other words, a slot machine can best be described only as loose relative to the other machines within the same casino where it is located.

Because of this, many speculations abound about the placement in a casino floor of the slot machine that gives the highest payback percentage than the other slots in the casino. There are some who think that loose slot machines are placed by the casino entrance so that people passing by will be tempted to enter the casino when they see players hitting the jackpot. Others speculate that loose slots are located near the casino cage cashier so that people waiting in line to have their chips or tokens exchanged for money will be enticed to come back and play some more once they see players winning.

Some players on the other hand also think that slot machines positioned near the buffet or showrooms are tight because these have a captive market. The reasoning here is that people will more likely kill their time by playing at the nearby slots while waiting for the start of a show or for their turn at the buffet and that they won't bother to leave the area to look for other slot machines. Still, some players reckon that a loose slot machine is surrounded by tight slots because of the tendency of a number of players to play multiple slots. This works on the assumption that a casino customer who plays the slot machines on both sides of the machine he is playing will lose the money he wins from the other, just like money that goes out of one pocket will invariably go into the other pocket.

No one outside the casino management can really say with certainty where the loose machines are located since there are no hard and fast rules that dictate where loose slots should be positioned. That is why a player in quest of the loose slot machine should play a variety of slots, much like going on an Easter egg hunt, to add more excitement and enjoyment to the game.