Is Cheating a Slot Machine Possible?

Cheating in a casino gaming floor involves deception. And this means deceiving by trickery or illusion other competitors or the dealer at the game table. Perhaps, many people would find it hard to believe that even a slot machine can be cheated. Everyone knows that slots are electro mechanical machines with computer operated random number generators that dictate the winning combinations on the reels. So how can a cold and unfeeling slot machine with a computer brain that is programmed to randomly hit the jackpot be tricked into prematurely spewing out coins by a cheating slot player?

Cheating a slot machine entails knowing the inner workings of slots and taking advantage of any mechanical weakness that may have been detected in the machine. For instance, in early model slots, metal slugs that mimic the density, weight and dimension of slot tokens were used. There were even cases were quarters tied with a string were inserted in the coin slot and pulled up and down like a like a yoyo to empty the machine of all the coins inside its bowels. In other cases, flattened out clothes hangers called monkey claw and slider were inserted in the machine to trip a trigger and release the coins into the dispenser.

Those were the days of the old fashioned slots with mechanically operated coin release triggers. Slot machine manufacturers later installed light sensors that kept the coins safely locked up inside the machine. But the cheating criminal mind eventually found out a way to steal the slot's coin treasure by using light devices that blinded the machine with the light while the thief stole its treasure trove of coins. Again, slot machine manufacturers improved on the weakness of the slots that made them fool proof for a while until cheating thieves developed innovative ways to overcome the security features of the machines.

The most advanced method of cheating slots is by attacking the computer brain of the machine itself. This was done, of course at the very site where the slots were born - right at the factory site, where an accomplish introduced glitches in the program that enabled the thief to exploit the slot machine once it is delivered to the casino. In the end, the long arm of the law catches up with the thief because nothing escapes the "all seeing eye" of the sophisticated casino surveillance system which was also upgraded to defeat the casino thief.

Moreover, the casinos are also aware of payout schedules and frequency levels so that anything out of the ordinary that happens in the casino slots area immediately catches their attention. Because of this, never try your luck in cheating a slot machine because casinos have a perfect record of successfully prosecuting the casino thief.