How to Play Longer with Slot Machines

Slot machines are tricky. The jackpot prize is quite big and the bets are quite small. For so little, you could win so much. Who wouldn't want to play then? What you may not realize is that very few people win in slot machines. The few who do get their money from the masses of losing players. (That's how jackpot prizes get so big.) Before you play slot machines, memorize these tips. It can save you money.

Slot Machine Tips

Tips 1. Play more often with standard slot machines than progressives.

Where do you think casinos get the money for those gigantic jackpot prizes? From players like yourself. If you see a progressive slot machine, you should know that that machine needs to take more money from more players to fund the jackpot. By contrast, a standard slot machine has less to pay to the jackpot winner so it can afford to pa out more.

Tips 2. Play the smaller denomination slot machines.

Your money will last longer if you play cheaper slots. Slots play quite fast because often people don't pause to think about their next move. So you lose money faster in slots than in table games like blackjack. Play lower denomination machines. You'll get the same fun for less the price. Also, with lower denomination slots, you can afford to make the maximum bet more.

Tip 3. Bet maximum credits often.

You do not have to bet maximum every time. But you'll want to max bet more often when the slot machine is hot. If it is cold, bet minimum. However you may hit the jackpot when you are betting minimum and you'd be sorry. If that happens, our condolences… Look on the bright side: if you hadn't bet minimum on some of your spins, you'd have run out of money sooner and won no jackpot at all.

Tip 4. Play in slots that really do have high payback percentage.

Look closely and see what the casinos are really telling you. Do not play a slot machine unless it is exactly advertised as a loose machine. Slots are not all equal so you have to find the really loose ones.

Tip 5. Use slot cards and join slot clubs.

These won't help you win. However they help you get comps and free stuff like free meals and drinks. Count these toward your profits. Every little thing is welcome.

Tip 6. Check your blood pressure and stay healthy.

You don't want to fall over dead from a heart attack if you do hit the jackpot on a max bet.